The Princess and the Dragon

I am tied to a stake overlooking the ocean waiting to be eaten. You guessed it! I am a princess. And there is the dragon! Right on time too. Been raiding the local sheep farms. Of course, they think that a princess meal is going chase it away. Like I really taste that bad. If we are what we eat, I probably taste like lamb.

‘So…Left you out here to be eaten then?’ The Dragon said conversationally.

‘Yes! You have been eating the sheep!’ This, I blush to note, came out a little higher than planned.

The dragon shrugged, ‘They were just sheep! I would have thought that princesses were ranked higher than sheep.’

‘I would have thought so too, but evidently not. As well…’

‘Oh! I am not going to eat you dear! I am waiting for the knight in shining armour to arrive. They make lovely stews if boiled properly.’

‘Phfft! They discontinued the knights. Apparently, a princess “has to be her own hero” these days.’

‘Whose bright idea was that? What use are knights if they aren’t going around getting eaten heroically?’

‘I know! They now have no purpose! I also feel the need to point out that when they are eaten there is less chance of me being eaten! This seems a better deal than this new fad.’

‘I hear you… ” There was a moments quiet as both thought about the effect of recent social changes on their lives.

‘How about this. I free you and we become a team? We can travel to more forward thinking kingdoms, I can be the terrible beast, you can be the damsel in over obvious distress. You can keep the gold and I will eat whatever knights come to rescue you?’

‘Deal!’ She said, eager to take the deal for a number of reasons, few having anything to do with being eaten.

‘Deal!’ The dragon replied slashing way the rope with a perfect talon.

‘After all us princesses need to stick together.’ She commented as she scooped up her fellow princess.

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 


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