The Time Traveler

Thaddeus walked across the helm of his ship The Time Traveler. Before him luminescent sails shifted as they caught the interstellar winds, driving the sleek and ancient ship through space. Made by the first and greatest spacefarers she was modeled after the ocean faring frigates or ships-of-war of Old Earth. The Time Traveler was the last of her kind and worth the gold of a thousand galaxies or one captain’s life…

Thaddeus stopped in-front of the control panel, the sound of his ship surrounding him, he knew ever inch, every secret tunnel and every soul on board. If he closed his eyes he could almost sense the quiet dreams of his crew below. Most of his crew. A few men, lead by the bosun, were moving through the ship towards the cabin where he slept; unaware of the betrayal his men were about to commit. But not yet, there was still time, always just enough time. Time after all was just an idea and rules were meant to be broken.

Painfully he reached out and closed off the mid-section of the ship. The thump and grinding of the blast doors were felt throughout the ship, awaking the men and himself, his past self, his soon to be future self, from the warm comfort of sleep.

He took one last look out at his ship wanting his last moments to be filled with the beauty of space. Slowly he pressed a button venting men and air out into space. The ship creaked as ice and space worked through her as Thaddeus slipped to the floor of his ship, succumbing to the blast wound in his side, made in a past that no-longer was.

Slowly the ship took control, as systems started to run the airlock was closed and the process of stabilising the pressure started. The crew paced their quarters, running what diagnostics they could as Thaddeus stood on the helm and sadly looked down on his body or at least… well he didn’t want to think about it too much. He only had a few minutes to clean up before the crew were able to move about the ship again and there were aspects of time travel that were potentially bad for one to think about.

He set his lazer to evaporate and aimed it at the corpse at his feet. It really was a shame about the mutineers but they should have known better than to try to kill a time traveler. Especially one that does not obey the rules, nothing had ever come from there, briefly, being two of him. Or at least nothing harmful to him.

The End


Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 


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