The House

Day 1. This morning I started gardening. How could I have known the yard, filled with trees, compost heaps and lost rakes, was home to a thousand worlds. I have passed through several surreal landscapes and I can no longer see the house. I fear I am lost.

Day 2. I found a rake, I am hoping this means I am close to the house.

Day 3. I can see a corner of the porch, but there is a swamp between me and the house. Started making a raft.

Day 8. Raft done, the rake is a boon on this journey across the swamp, several things, purple, with too many eyes and goo oozing from fang-filled mouths, have tried to climb aboard.

Day 9. I reached the house! I lie on the cool porch; I can’t believe I have returned. I vow to sell this place as soon as I can stand.

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 



  1. Aak fictionspawn · July 4, 2017

    Cool! Quite an adventure.


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