The Final Frontier!

There is a click and the screen lights up with a small cartoon of a blue and green earth. A pleasant, if electronic, female voice starts to speak as the story plays out in bright over saturated colour on the screen.

It all started when man first sent rockets into space with capsules filled with important and interesting things about humanity held safely within. The aim, to reach out to whatever might be out there… to let them know a little about a small planet called Earth.

The “whatever” got the message and oddly enough, knowing what we do about humans, found the new beings and their planet so interesting that they had to come and see us in the flesh. When the news of what had been found hit the news cycle it became one of the biggest news stories in the Galactic Confederation. There was intelligent life in the Milky Way

So started the great expedition! The Galactic Confederation (around sixty planets in total), after years of preparation, sent teams out to what the news had dubbed “The Final Frontier”.

However when they arrived they found out that interacting with the new race was going to be harder than first thought. The Galactic Confederation had sent messages of their arrival before setting out but it seemed like there had been a big misunderstanding or maybe it had just gotten lost in the interstellar post. Whatever the reason, upon arrival they were greeted by large groups of armed humans who did not seem pleased to see them in the slightest.

This put their plans of learning and interacting with the Humans back a few years until Zip (one of the first aliens to land on earth) came up with an idea. They had the technology to recreate the human form as long as they had humans to copy so why did they not grab up a few, copy them then send them to live on Zips plant while Zip and his group lived it up on earth for a bit?

The idea went down well with the government and by the end of the week there were five confused and scared humans on the plant of Up and there were five wild haired humans sharing strange ideas on earth…

Now this would have been fine if Zip was the only one to have the idea of changing places with a few humans for a short while (we all know good ideas come in pairs of seventy (as found out by Galactic scientists in the year 183570 cc.)) and if once on earth the lucky few had kept in touch with their home planets but it would seem that earth is infectious and brings on such side effects like memory loss and a need to spend all day on a beach with a bright fruity drink with at least three umbrellas in it.

But none knew what effect earth would have on those that stayed there for any length of time and so after a long silence the governments of those groups that were on earth, having the time of their lives, sent new teams who swapped places with more humans. They too fell into the umbrella festooned silence that was earth.

More and yet more Galactic Scientists were sent to earth and in a show of true bureaucracy not one government told any of the others what was happening or that they had people down on earth at all. This lead to the events of today. Where it was finally discovered that there were no more humans on earth and that they had in fact been relocated to sixty of the Galactic Confederation planets were they had taken they worlds by storm and were now introducing such things like bright drinks, pop music, hangovers and pet cats to the galaxy.

The screen went dark as the voice fades away ending in a final click. 

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 


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