An Honest Opinion On Shite

I am honest by nature,
I mince no words,
Or few at least!

So here I go,
I throw before you
An honest opinion.

Burn me at the stake if you will,
Tear my cloths,
Silence me with scorn.
Little will it change my mind.

YA is shite!
Drivel, drool,
Corroding sugar for the mind!

Rather give the young readers meatier meals!
Start them with the good stuff
Nice and young!

Let them strengthen their minds,
Prepared for the life ahead!
Lets fight, fight the dying of that literary light!

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 



  1. SarainLaLaLand · June 13, 2017

    Sugar for the mind, that is one badass analogy! I like the brain food comparison very much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Michael Emerson · June 13, 2017

      Thank you! 🙂 I very much believe that we are what we put in regardless if it is what we put in our minds or our bodies. We need to watch, think and consider everything always asking the question “Is this good for me?”

      This is not to say that we should deny ourselves that slice of cake but rather that we eat more than only cake. Or instead of cake a lighter healthier bowl of popcorn. 🙂

      Although I may have now taken the food analogy far to far! :p


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