The Travellers

The Whispered Begining:

In the land of Garvan beneath the ceiling of the forest’s eaves the trees talked of wonders lost, of wars fought against dark shadows with magic swords and mythical things long forgotten by men. Yet there was not a soul to hear, slowly, the voices dimmed as a hundred years, a thousand passed. Seasons turned until the blessed spring arrived with delicate flowers, all done up in pastel colours, bringing with it a traveller and his horse. Neither caring where they were going, the horse munched fresh grass from around the roots of the trees as Edward greeted the trees friendly branches with laughter.

A whisper rustled through the leaves, faint at first, the forest’s voice almost forgotten. The horse pricked its ears and stopped. The traveller, sensing something had changed, held his breath. Foolish hope for a sighting of a mythical beast twisted through his gut as the whisper, stronger now, tingled through the air. Edwards’ eyes widened as secrets are whispered to his longing ears; burning with a desire to learn, to hear, to know, as places lost to the world spill across the traveler’s inner eye as if they were a dream.

Slowly sound and time return, the evening sun spilled mellow light across the forest floor as the man looked to the trees with a thousand questions upon his lips. But no answers came and only silence met his pleading gaze. As he waited shadows filled the nooks and crannies of the forest. Lurking in those shadows was something more than just the darkness of the growing night. Foreboding filled his heart as fear settled over him. He turned the horses head towards the dying light and set off determined to beat the shadows rise. Read More


Life had become a drag, Merryweather mused as he opened his eyes to yet another morning.

Office, shops, home and repeat; a lot like washing his hair, only less interesting. Not that there was much hair left to wash these days. Most of it having left his head to follow the shampooy bubbles down the drain. With a general sigh of boredom about life, Merryweather climbed out of bed.

Maybe, Merryweather thought to himself, the universe was playing a practical joke, maybe they were all living in the Matrix and he was really Neo. This idea brought a small glow of comfort to him.

Basking in something close to happiness, Merryweather opened his curtains to view what lies the first spring flowers had to tell about the world.

What he saw instead was the spaceship, large, grey saucer-shaped and armed. The Invasion had begun.

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The Princess and the Dragon

I am tied to a stake overlooking the ocean waiting to be eaten. You guessed it! I am a princess. And there is the dragon! Right on time too. Been raiding the local sheep farms. Of course, they think that a princess meal is going chase it away. Like I really taste that bad. If we are what we eat, I probably taste like lamb.

‘So…Left you out here to be eaten then?’ The Dragon said conversationally.

‘Yes! You have been eating the sheep!’ This, I blush to note, came out a little higher than planned.

The dragon shrugged, ‘They were just sheep! I would have thought that princesses were ranked higher than sheep.’

‘I would have thought so too, but evidently not. As well…’

‘Oh! I am not going to eat you dear! I am waiting for the knight in shining armour to arrive. They make lovely stews if boiled properly.’

‘Phfft! They discontinued the knights. Apparently, a princess “has to be her own hero” these days.’

‘Whose bright idea was that? What use are knights if they aren’t going around getting eaten heroically?’

‘I know! They now have no purpose! I also feel the need to point out that when they are eaten there is less chance of me being eaten! This seems a better deal than this new fad.’

‘I hear you… ” There was a moments quiet as both thought about the effect of recent social changes on their lives.

‘How about this. I free you and we become a team? We can travel to more forward thinking kingdoms, I can be the terrible beast, you can be the damsel in over obvious distress. You can keep the gold and I will eat whatever knights come to rescue you?’

‘Deal!’ She said, eager to take the deal for a number of reasons, few having anything to do with being eaten.

‘Deal!’ The dragon replied slashing way the rope with a perfect talon.

‘After all us princesses need to stick together.’ She commented as she scooped up her fellow princess.

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Mixing Metaphors

If brevity is the soul of wit,
do not go gently into that goodnight.
Instead clear the deck,
Sail close to the wind,
Be as smart as a fox
and let the urge too chin-wag pass,
Like ships in the night.

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Solo Flight

Systems checked the starship Intrepid for the first solo flight across Elf-light 66; the smallest solar system, yet most treacherous.

Albert, the man venturing out into space alone, sat and watched his ship check and recheck itself. The danger, he surmised, was not out there but rather in here; the very heart of his ship. If something went wrong there was little he could do.

The banks of lights before him flickered green giving the mission an all clear. With a sign of relief, he headed for the observation deck where he would give the ‘Big Speech’ as The Intrepid pulled away from the dock.

Below, the vibrations of the engines pulled the cooling pipe for the right front thruster loose filling the crawl space with supercooled gas. Above a green light turned red.

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Ideas and writing clues,
Fall like leaves upon thoughtless minds.

Rather let us take the time,
To jot down a little reminder.

It saves ideas
From clueless minds.

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 

The Time Traveler

Thaddeus walked across the helm of his ship The Time Traveler. Before him luminescent sails shifted as they caught the interstellar winds, driving the sleek and ancient ship through space. Made by the first and greatest spacefarers she was modeled after the ocean faring frigates or ships-of-war of Old Earth. The Time Traveler was the last of her kind and worth the gold of a thousand galaxies or one captain’s life…

Thaddeus stopped in-front of the control panel, the sound of his ship surrounding him, he knew ever inch, every secret tunnel and every soul on board. If he closed his eyes he could almost sense the quiet dreams of his crew below. Most of his crew. Read More

A New Dragon Scale Traveling Coat

The Annual Christmas Eve Party was in full swing, party streamers hung from the lights and drunken singing of Hangover could be heard throughout the complex. “This is an Eve party to remember!” one elf told another to loudly in the momentary lull in the music.

The last of the presents had been wrapped and everything was ready for the all important Christmas Eve flight. All could make merry and forget about the stress of delivering millions of presents to millions of people with large quantities of Brandy Snaps and Hot Cocoa.

Santa had already passed his Brandy Snap limit and had slid under the table with a loud snore, while Mrs. Claus was just warming up. She had yet to beat the this year’s Yeti Arm Wrestling Champ and win the last of the ready cash from the Yeti’s Ambassador, who came every year in the hopes of winning some of his cash back.

“I feel that I am going to get at least last year’s wages back, Mrs.Claus… We have a grand champ this year. No-one was even close to beating him this year!”

“I too have a feeling Arnold.” Mrs.Claus replied, “I have the feeling that this is going to be like stealing treasure from a pirate! The easiest thing in the world!” Nervous laughter followed from Arnold, whenever she started hinting at her piratical life on the high seas, he knew it meant that she thought she was going to win.

It was into this quietly brash event that the unthinkable landed. A loud crash cut through the sound of twenty elves singing Gangnam Style, knocking them over like bowling pins as lumps of ice, shards of glass and three rather large dragons landed on the dance floor.

With an absurdly gentlemanly manner the biggest of the three dragons stepped forward and said, “I am Humanagor. I was sent here to represent my people.” He ruffled his wings loving the looks of dumb shock on everyone’s faces. “Who is your leader?”

Mrs.Claus stepped forward, pushing aside stunned elves and stood before Humanagor with her hands on her hips, “That would be me and I would very much like the meaning of all this. Dragons haven’t been in these parts in a very long time indeed.” There was a pause followed by, “For a very good reason.”

“Well Mrs. Claus…We were just flying home for the season when we saw the lights and heard the music and thought that we could really use a party like that. So we came here to steal it.”

“Yeah!” Said a dragon behind Humanagor in a high-pitched voice, “It’s ours now!” Mrs.Claus looked up at Humanagor and folded her arms,

“Ah ha… You might as well fly outta here again as what you have planned just isn’t going to happen boys.” There was a chuckle from the dragons as Humanagor picked up a still stunned elf and contemplatively looked at Mrs. Claus,

“Well… let me put this to you Mrs. Claus. Either we get the party or we eat all of you.”

“Yeah! We could use some snacks!” Once again came from behind Humanagor.

There was stunning silence as Mrs.Claus and Humanagor stared at each-other.

“I don’t think so…” said Mrs.Claus with the calm of a person responsible for the organisation of the biggest event of the year, and a history of making the worst pirate cry, “Partly because Elves taste horrid and mostly because that would mean you would have to deal with me.” She stepped closer and caught Humanagor’s eye and said quietly, “and I could use another dragon scale traveling coat… The last one is looking a little moth-eaten.” Humanagor looked at the small smile that Mrs.Claus was wearing and the way she held his eye and swallowed. This was a women who wanted a new dragon scale traveling coat for those long wintry trips. She was all but daring him to make a move that would allow her to get one for the Christmas Season.

With care he put the elf down again and cleared his throat before carefully saying, “Maybe we could leave the snacks, leave the party in your hands and just join in on the chorus of Pen Pineapple Apple Pen?”

With a smile Mrs.Claus stepped back and nodded. “That would be fine… Then you could also fix the hole you have made in the roof.” There was a start of an ‘aww’ from behind Humanagor when it was sharply cut off with a snap of his tail. He wasn’t going to risk being turned into a coat over a little mess.

“Sure this Ma’am! We will have all of this cleared up in no time.”

That Eve party was remembered by all as they best in the last fifty years. Mrs.Claus cleaned the Yetis out, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen became the hit song among the elves, and dragons got a reminding tale of why they steer clear of the North Pole.

All in all it was just another tale about how “All’s well that ends well” with a side note of being careful of whose party you crash. But then all good stories need a moral don’t they?

The End

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 

The House

Day 1. This morning I started gardening. How could I have known the yard, filled with trees, compost heaps and lost rakes, was home to a thousand worlds. I have passed through several surreal landscapes and I can no longer see the house. I fear I am lost.

Day 2. I found a rake, I am hoping this means I am close to the house.

Day 3. I can see a corner of the porch, but there is a swamp between me and the house. Started making a raft.

Day 8. Raft done, the rake is a boon on this journey across the swamp, several things, purple, with too many eyes and goo oozing from fang-filled mouths, have tried to climb aboard.

Day 9. I reached the house! I lie on the cool porch; I can’t believe I have returned. I vow to sell this place as soon as I can stand.

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 . 

The Final Frontier!

There is a click and the screen lights up with a small cartoon of a blue and green earth. A pleasant, if electronic, female voice starts to speak as the story plays out in bright over saturated colour on the screen.

It all started when man first sent rockets into space with capsules filled with important and interesting things about humanity held safely within. The aim, to reach out to whatever might be out there… to let them know a little about a small planet called Earth.

The “whatever” got the message and oddly enough, knowing what we do about humans, found the new beings and their planet so interesting that they had to come and see us in the flesh. When the news of what had been found hit the news cycle it became one of the biggest news stories in the Galactic Confederation. There was intelligent life in the Milky Way Read More


It had been a long time since dragons had ruled the world but that didn’t stop them from being smug bastards. The smuggest of all was a dragon named, rather apparently, Autolatry. Autolatry hadn’t quite gotten used to the idea, or even entertained the idea, that people now ruled the known world.

Still he would go out and burn villages to the ground, stealing princess’s Read More

An Honest Opinion On Shite

I am honest by nature,
I mince no words,
Or few at least!

So here I go,
I throw before you
An honest opinion.

Burn me at the stake if you will,
Tear my cloths,
Silence me with scorn.
Little will it change my mind.

YA is shite!
Drivel, drool,
Corroding sugar for the mind!

Rather give the young readers meatier meals!
Start them with the good stuff
Nice and young!

Let them strengthen their minds,
Prepared for the life ahead!
Lets fight, fight the dying of that literary light!

Disclaimer: I have mildly dyslexic tendencies so spelling and grammatical oops’s may and do occur. I hope that you enjoy this site and it’s stories anyway 🙂 .